Dentist Muncie Affects of teeth whitening products

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Proper oral care allows people to keep their teeth white and healthy. There may be instances when the teeth become discolored due to a number of factors, including consumption of certain food and drinks, tobacco use, and medications, among others. Due to this, some people use teeth whitening products to bring back the glory of their teeth. But some teeth whitening products may have some side effects when used continuously.


Translucent appearance

When whitening products are used continuously, they may cause irritation and pain in the tissues surrounding the teeth. It may also cause the teeth to appear somewhat translucent. While the translucent appearance may appear to be harmless, there is a possibility for it to become permanent.


Thinned-out enamel

Whitening products also have the tendency to make the translucent portion of the enamel to become more noticeable.  While the enamel is naturally translucent, if it is obvious before the application of the whitening product, it will become more visible.


Teeth whitening methods

●     Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is capable of removing stains on teeth. But these types of toothpaste are more abrasive as compared to regular toothpaste. This may cause sensitivity in teeth if they are used too much.

●     Whitening trays

Whitening trays are customized trays that keep hydrogen peroxide gels in the mouth of a patient. After the patient sprays the gel on the tray, the tray is placed in the mouth of the patient. While this is a good way to whiten the teeth, it is advisable not to use strong gel since it may penetrate deep into the teeth and damage them.


Even as the enamel of the tooth is naturally translucent, there may be instances when some portions have already thinned out. Due to this, overusing whitening products may cause these portions to become more obvious. There may also be some instances when these products can damage the enamel itself if they are used too much. In this light, it is advisable for people to always consult their dentists before they use any of the whitening products available on the market.