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Care for Your Dentures in Muncie IN

We offer hard and soft relines for our denture patients and can usually provide these services on the same day providing the denture is dropped off by 10 AM.


We offer two types of denture relines here at our dental office in Muncie IN:

  • Hard Relines: The impression material is replaced with a hard, pink acrylic that's formed to the contours of your mouth. If this is the method that your dentist chooses, it's recommended every two years and provides the most contact with your gum tissue for the maximum amount of hold.
  • Soft Relines: If a patient's gums are too sensitive for hard relining, your dentist may choose the reline the denture surface with a softer, more flexible material. This will have to be replaced more frequently as opposed to the hard reline, but it's easier and more gentle on your gums.


We can usually provide these services on the same day that the dentures are dropped off, provided that they're at our office before 10 AM. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us by calling (765) 282-5655 today.


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