Partial Dentures


Partial Dentures in Muncie IN Give You a Second Chance!

In order to maintain a healthy and quality smile, it is very important to replace missing teeth. The absence of teeth may lead to adverse effects. The most common problem associated with missing teeth is those remaining ones may change position, which ultimately can destroy mouth-tissue. Additionally, crooked teeth make maintaining hygiene more difficult. By not properly taking care of your teeth you may develop periodontitis, which can make you lose even more teeth!


Partial dentures are simply replacement teeth attached to a pinkish or "gum-colored” plastic base. The base is held by a metal framework which helps fixate the denture in the mouth. Partial dentures help fill in spaces created by missing teeth and help restore a beautiful smile. Partial dentures also assist in chewing food properly, improved speech, and proper facial support for the mouth!


How do partial dentures work?

Partial dentures use what are called precision attachments, or metal clasps, which attach to your natural teeth. The beauty of these precision attachments is that they are nearly invisible and make your teeth look almost 100% natural. Often if you have crowns on your natural teeth, these may improve the fit of a partial denture. As you get older, the denture may require adjusting. The shape of your mouth naturally changes as you age, thus resulting in a partial denture adjustment. It is important that if your dentures do not fit, that you have them adjusted by your dentist. Failure to adjust your dentures may result in sores and/or infections. It is important that you see your dentist immediately if your denture loosens.


How long does it take getting used to the partial denture?

Initially, the partial denture will feel unnatural and bulky. In time, however, your mouth will become used to wearing the partial denture. Like many new appliances, inserting and removing the denture will take practice. It is important to remember that you should never bite down on a partial denture to help fixate it. This could damage the denture by bending or breaking the clasps.


How will my partial denture impact my speech?

Partial dentures will help improve your speech. The absence of teeth makes speaking clearly a difficult task. By wearing partial dentures, you may find it easier to pronounce your words clearly. Initially, it will take time getting used to speaking with the dentures but with practice, your overall speech will improve greatly.


How will my partial denture impact my eating?

The purpose of getting partial dentures is to make life easier for you! For starters, you should begin with eating softer foods. These foods should be cut into smaller pieces to make the chewing easier for you. It is very important that you chew on both sides of the mouth to ensure that there is even pressure on the denture. It is also recommended that you try avoiding extremely hard and/or sticky foods. Initially, you may also want to avoid chewing gum while you get used to wearing the denture.


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