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Looking for a straightforward and cheap way to improve your smile? Teeth whitening may be your answer. Kevin J. Welch, DDS, and the dental experts at Muncie Dental Care & Denture Center can take your smile to a new level with convenient professional teeth whitening. Located in Muncie, Indiana, the expert dental team at Muncie Dental Care & Denture Center whiten your teeth in only a few hours. To learn more, book an appointment over the internet or call today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

How do people get yellow teeth?

Lots of different factors can cause teeth yellowing and discoloration. The foods you eat and drink, certain medications, and age might all be contributing factors. The enamel on your teeth can get surface stains from drinks like red wine, tea, and coffee, and this can make your teeth appear yellow. Major culprits also include smoking and tobacco.

Eventually, these surface stains can become even harder to remove because they go beneath the enamel to the dentin of your tooth.

Is it safe to whiten your teeth?

Yes. As long as you obey product instructions and guidelines, teeth whitening is an entirely safe process. The team at Muncie Dental Care & Denture Center provides whitening treatments for safe, satisfying results. You can choose to have your teeth whitened in just one visit, or gradually with a take-home whitening kit.

In both cases, the whitening solution is completely safe to put on your teeth and in your mouth. You may, however, experience temporary tooth and gum sensitivity due to the bleaching agents.

What's involved in an in-office procedure?

Your teeth could be up to eight shades whiter with just one simple in-office teeth-whitening treatment.* At your appointment, an experienced Muncie Dental Care & Denture Center team member will fit upper and lower dental trays into your mouth. These trays will hold the hydrogen peroxide whitening solution.

Then, your dental professional covers your lips and gums to shield them from the solution. The trays are filled with the whitening gel and a unique LED lamp is positioned over your teeth. In a single visit, you sit back and relax for three 15-minute blocks while the light and bleach interact to whiten your teeth.

You're comfortable and relaxed between treatments. At the end, your dental expert applies a gel to your teeth to minimize any post-treatment sensitivity you experience. That’s it. Your teeth are whiter in about two hours, and your smile shows it.

The Muncie Dental Care & Denture Center team also offers at-home teeth-whitening kits for a more gradual approach to whitening teeth over a couple weeks.

Call to learn more or schedule a consultation at Muncie Dental Care & Denture Center for more information on in-office teeth-whitening treatments and take-home alternatives. Let's work together to revive your smile!

*Individual results may vary.