Artificial Saliva

Many people don’t think about or understand how important saliva is to your teeth and gums. Just like all the different parts of your body, saliva plays a role in keeping your mouth healthy and strong. Because steady saliva production is so crucial to good oral health, patients often need to have artificial saliva if their own body isn’t producing enough. Here are some useful facts and information about the use of artificial saliva and how it can help you.
When Would I Need Artificial Saliva?
Patients who suffer from chronic dry mouth can benefit greatly from saliva substitutes to help alleviate discomfort. Dry mouth is a common side effect of many prescription medications and can be difficult to deal with during the day. Dry mouth can also occur in patients who are living or working in very stressful environments. You may have already noticed that in certain situations such as right before an important exam or client meeting that your mouth will feel as dry as a desert. If you find yourself in this kind of situation fairly often, you might want to consider discussing whether or not artificial saliva is right for you with your Muncie, IN dentist.
What Kinds of Artificial Saliva are There?
Saliva substitutes come in a few different forms. There are moisturizing gels that are perfect for adding moisture to the mouth as well as soothing any uncomfortable cuts or scratches that may have resulted from the dry patches. Moisturizing sprays are also very convenient and can refresh your mouth whenever you need it during the day. Furthermore, you can also find dissolvable tablets that are almost like mints that provide lasting moisture. All of these products can likely be found in fresh flavors, so you’ll get a burst of fresh breath as well!
Are There Consequences of Insufficient Saliva Production?
Not having enough saliva in your mouth during the day can harm your teeth and distract you as you go through your day. One lesser known fact about saliva is that it plays a role in how we taste food. Saliva helps to bring food to taste buds in your mouth and also to clean our teeth after eating. This reduces the buildup of plaque and other debris after a meal. Saliva also protects us from painful swallowing and choking.   

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