Avoid Serious Decay

Raising dental care awareness is an important part of being your dentist near Daleville IN! This is why there are specially marked days and months in order to share awareness to people, old and young, who don’t know how important it is to keep up with your daily oral hygiene care. Check out some helpful tips on how to keep your teeth clean!


Monitor Your Diet
It’s no surprise that sugar is bad for your health. That’s why noticing what you eat and drink is necessary in order to protect your teeth. It’s not just about the amount that you consume harmful foods and drinks, but also the amount of times you consume them in a day.


It’s also important to note what kind of foods you’re eating and seeing how “healthy” it actually is. There are some health bars and fruit snacks that may seem healthy, but there could be harmful ingredients that contain much more sugar than you may have expected!


Click here for more tips to know how to protect your smile in order to avoid cavities and decay. Don’t forget to continue your oral and dental care by scheduling an appointment with your dentist near Daleville IN by calling our practice today at (765) 282-5655.

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