Breakfast Brush: Before or After?

Having a smile that you’re proud to share with the world is the number one priority for your dentist near Albany IN! There may seem like many ways to do so, but how do you start? Well, in the morning, of course! But a popular dilemma that people come across is whether to brush their teeth before they eat breakfast or after. Let’s break down what happens to your teeth when you’re sleeping.
When you’re sleeping, your entire body is completely rested and relaxed, which means that it’s not working at 100%. As this occurs, things in your body begin to slow down and that includes your saliva production. As opposed to the daytime when you’re awake and your saliva production is between 80-90%, the amount goes all of the way down to 10-15% when you’re asleep. This causes most people to suffer from bad breath when they wake up!
Before bedtime, people are tempted to indulge in a couple of sweets before they go to bed. Unfortunately, your teeth will be worse for wear! Even if you brush your teeth after you eat, your teeth are still negatively affected by the sugar. And your saliva production is lowered at night, so you could be at risk for issues like cavities, tooth decay, and infections. Stay away from the sweets and treats right before bed or your smile may suffer!
So what’s the right thing to do—brush your teeth before you eat breakfast or after you eat breakfast? The good news is, you can do it at either time! If you brush before you eat, you’re getting rid of the bacteria build up from when you were sleeping. If you brush after you eat, you’re ridding of loose or lingering food particles that may have been left behind after you’re meal. Either way, you’re in the clear!
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