Brushing is a Necessity, Not an Option

Brushing your teeth is one of the earliest skills that you learn, as well as tying your shoes and properly dressing yourself. Knowing how important this skill is lasts for the rest of your life, because while tying your shoes and properly dressing yourself can go by unscathed for a long time, ignoring your daily dental routine cannot. That’s why your dentist near Albany IN shows you what happens when you don’t brush your teeth.


More than 30 percent of Americans don’t brush their teeth long enough (for the recommended 2 minutes) and this isn’t including the flossing statistics, which may be an even higher amount of people who don’t participate. There are also 23 percent of adults who have gone at least two days without brushing their teeth at all! The severe risks that patients are putting their teeth through may not be in the forefront, but it occurs faster than they may know!


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