Can Stress Affect Your Teeth?

Maintaining proper oral health requires time and effort. A lot of factors impact oral health, some not as well-known as others. Routine dental habits, foods to avoid and habits to quit are all commonly discussed. However, most people don’t realize that stress could be affecting your oral health. Whether it be school, work, or family-related; your stressors can negatively impact your teeth.

How Stress Affects Your Oral Health

Even in your sleep, your body is reacting to the stress that you are feeling. One of the most common responses to stress while sleeping, or for some when you are awake, is grinding your teeth. This reflux reaction to grind the teeth grinding can cause TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint. These conditions can cause the following:
- Headaches
- Clicking jaw
- Snoring or sleep apnea
- Difficulty Eating
-  Lost fillings 
- Cracked or worn-down teeth
Being that we subconsciously grind our teeth while sleeping, this can be a difficult thing to avoid. Make an appointment to consult with our dentist about a mouth guard to use while sleeping. Our office can create a custom mouth guard to fit your mouth perfectly.

How to Deal with Stress

Due to the complications that stress could cause to your your oral health, it is imperative to find ways to handle and cope with these feelings. The following can be helpful tools in dealing with stress:
- Stress-reducing exercises or coping skills
- Therapy
- Exercise 
- Meditation 
- Yoga
- Massage
If you are having difficulty managing your stress, a mouth guard can help alleviate the damage caused by grinding at night. While stress can be an everyday occurrence for most people, remember that it can affect all aspects of your health.  Call today to schedule your appoinment with your Muncie, IN dentist.

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