Canker & Cold Sores

If you have ever suffered from either affliction, you will know that neither one is an easy experience. In fact, both can be rather painful to say the least. You also know that each one is different and thus should be treated differently. If you suffer from frequent visits of either condition, talking with your dentist could be a great source of comfort for you.


Symptoms of a Canker Sore:

·         Light-colored sore within the oral cavity

·         Red exterior border

·         Not contagious


Symptoms of a Cold Sore:

·         Looks like a blister

·         Can occur on lips, around the mouth and even in the nose

·         Tingling sensation prior to outbreak

·         Creates a crust over the sore

·         It is contagious


Treatment of a Canker Sore


A canker sore can last for up to two weeks within your mouth and can be difficult to eliminate. Although not as painful as a cold sore, it can still provide discomfort in the oral cavity, particularly when consuming something acidic. You can try rinsing with salt water to help alleviate any distress you may be experiencing, but you can also pop by your dentist for some quick laser treatment; no anesthetic required.


Treatment of a Cold Sore


To help heal a cold sore a topical ointment or cream can be purchased in your nearest drug store. In some cases, an antiviral medication may be prescribed for a serious outbreak or to those who suffer often from this malady.


Should You See the Dentist?


If you are becoming concerned with the frequency of your outbreaks, then you might want to talk with your dentist for reasons behind the occurrences and ways to prevent the outbreaks.

It is always wise to visit your dentist if you find yourself with an unknown sore to get a proper diagnosis. If he or she cannot discern what it is through a visual observation, a biopsy (tissue sample) of the sore can be taken for testing.


Don’t suffer through this affliction, learn what you need to do for prompt treatment; visit your family dentist in Muncie, IN and receive the proper care for your sores. 

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