Conquer Your Cavities

When patients are experiencing pain and sensitivity in a tooth, this may be an indication that a cavity exists. Patients in the areas of Muncie and Smithfield, Indiana need to visit their dentist as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis and to discuss treatment options. In many cases, the development of a toothache is a sign of a cavity.


Cavities are essentially areas of decay in the natural tooth structure. They may be shallow or deep. The deeper they become, the more problematic they are for patients. Patients may notice sensitivity when they eat sweets or may experience a chronic toothache that won’t go away. When these issues arise, a diagnosis of a cavity may be made.


A small cavity may be addressed with a simple filling. Dr. Kevin J. Welch prefers to use composite resin bonding as a material for fillings. This is because the material closely resembles tooth enamel and will blend in with the smile instead of standing out as traditional silver amalgam fillings do. Patients eliminate the risk of mercury toxicity and can enjoy a restoration that does not expand and contract with temperature changes.


Extremely large cavities may need to be addressed with root canal therapy. During this procedure, Dr. Kevin J. Welch accesses the inner portion of the tooth called the dental pulp and removes it. The inner canals of the tooth are disinfected and the entire structure is filled with gutta-percha and sealed with composite resin bonding. Many patients may further benefit from the placement of a dental crown to add an extra layer of protection to the weakened tooth.


Dr. Kevin J. Welch is the dentist at Muncie Dental Care and works closely with patients to provide optimum care and attention. His practice is conveniently located at 1804 West McGalliard Road in Muncie, Indiana and services patients in and around the communities of Smithfield. He can be reached by calling (765) 282-5655 to schedule a consultation appointment and initial examination to find out if cavities are the source of your pain and discomfort.

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