Considering Dentures

It’s easy to assume that not that many people have dentures. However, it’s a much more common procedure that patients may end up needing for a variety of reasons. If you’re considering talking to your dentist in 47304 about whether or not dentures are the right choice for you, it’s important to understand the basics and the care involved with wearing them. 
What are Dentures Exactly?
Dentures are essentially a prosthetic that is custom made to fit in your mouth. A model matching the size of your mouth and your bite is created, and then prosthetic teeth are attached to the denture. Top dentures are normally much easier to fit inside the mouth, as your top jaw creates a sort of suction that keeps the prosthetic in place. It’s a bit more difficult for bottom dentures to remain secure, but how likely your dentures are to move about your mouth really depends on the amount of bone in your jaw. 
Do I Really Need Dentures?
Dentures are a big commitment, so listening to the advice of your doctor regarding any dental decision is crucial. A major aspect of dentures is that while they look like natural teeth, your day-to-day routine is going to undergo a big change. You might find that eating hard of crunchy food isn’t the same anymore. This goes back to the fact that some patients may have more bone for the dentures to grasp onto. If potentially having to change your diet concerns you, talk to your doctor about implants. Implants work like your natural teeth and also last for a very long time. 
Caring For Dentures
Just like your natural teeth, dentures should be gently brushed on a daily basis. They’ll also need to be soaked overnight. If your dentures are in a dry environment for too long, their original shape could be altered. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by your dentist in 47304 on proper care and reach out if you have any specific questions or concerns.
Dentures can be life changing for any patient who’s experienced tooth loss or deterioration. Being confident in your smile will positively impact your life in more ways than you know!

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