Dental Difficulties on the Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner and everybody is in the holiday spirit! This includes indulging in delicious, wonderful treats that you may not have had a chance to enjoy before. There are some exclusive holiday candies, cakes and more that are calling for your sweet tooth! Unfortunately, overindulging during this time of the year can cause a lot of dental difficulties for you. Your dentist serving Parker City Indiana will explain some of the delicious treats and sweets that you may need to skip on to protect your smile.


Candy Canes
Though significantly enjoyable and extremely popular, candy canes still have a large amount of sugar in them, despite their minty flavor. When a patient is sucking on a hard candy, this allows the sugar and bacteria to stick and linger in their mouth and on the surface of their teeth. Without proper dental care, this can increase the risks of cavities and maybe even tooth decay.


Chewy Sweets
Candies like gumdrops and taffy are delicious, but threatening to your smile. These sticky, sweet treats are dangerous because they can stick in hard-to-reach places in your mouth. If you’re not flossing enough, these have the ability to stick around for much longer than you may think! These candies are difficult for your saliva to break down, as well, to be cautious as to how many you enjoy.


A traditional beverage for the holiday season, eggnog is sweet and satisfying. But it’s loaded with sugar and fat, causing this milky substance to stick to and cover the surface of your teeth for an extended amount of time. This sugar breaks down the surface of your teeth, or your enamel, which works to protect the center. A weak enamel is what causes sensitive teeth, as well as further dental issues in the future.


We want all of our patients to have an enjoyable holiday season, but we also want you to have a strong, healthy smile. After your parties and dinners, don’t forget to make an appointment with your dentist serving Parker City Indiana by calling our office at (765) 282-5655, or click here to schedule an appointment online.


Happy holidays, from our family to yours!

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