DIY Whitening: Good or Bad?

Everyone wants that perfect white smile, and many people will go to whatever lengths they must to get this. If you have ever been in the market and looked at the dental hygiene aisle chances are you have seen the at home whitening kits that you can utilize. These DIY whitening kits have been around for years, but are they effective? Better yet, are they safe for your teeth?


Whitening Kits from the Store


For the most part, those who use these kits often see that their teeth are lightened by a few shades. However, most people complain that this is not the dramatic result that they were hoping for. This becomes an issue as they may try another whitening kit a few days later and the cycle repeats itself. When a person decides that they are going to become a frequent user of these whitening kits, this is when the problem arises. Those who do this often see:


- Inflamed gums that bleed and are sore


- Splotches of dark spots on their teeth where the bleaching product has penetrated a nerve in the tooth


- Sensitivity that is painful to both hot and cold temperatures


It is not uncommon to have patients who have chipped teeth from overbleaching and deadening the nerves in the tooth. Therefore, the directions must be followed and a person must ensure they are not overdoing it. They should also talk with their dentist about using these, as he or she has a better idea of whether this would be more harmful than good.


All the Rage: The Charcoal Toothpaste


The recent rage in DIY whitening is the charcoal toothpaste that has been seen via social media and even featured on infomercials. However, it should be stated that this is not a DIY method to get behind. The American Dental Association has not approved any of these products as they are not sure what long term use could do to the teeth. However, right now, many professionals are leaning towards this product stripping away enamel, leaving teeth stained or more susceptible to cavities.


If whiter teeth are something that you desire, always talk with your Muncie IN dentist first. Muncie Dental Care & Denture Center is happy to relay any information to ensure a healthier oral status. There are numerous in office options that can give results without causing harm.

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