Fight Your Gummy Smile

Patients in the area of Muncie, Indiana interested in gum contouring procedures are welcome to visit the dental practice of Dr. Kevin J. Welch. Patients are excited to find out that the team of Muncie Dental Care and Denture Center proudly provide laser services for gum contouring treatment.


Laser treatment for gum contouring is the latest methodology for addressing uneven gum tissue or a “gummy smile.” Lasers offer less bleeding, faster healing, and more precision results. Lasers are used in many areas of medicine and dentistry for patients who want the best treatment for a variety of concerns.


Lasers are completely safe. They are used to cut the gum tissue from the smile to remove it. When patients are unhappy with their gummy smile, the laser can remove some of the gum tissue to expose more of the natural tooth—bringing the attention to the smile and not the gum tissue. This is the only effective manner of treatment that is used for gum tissue alignment.


Patients first must consult with their dentist to determine if they are an appropriate candidate. Most individuals can use laser gum contouring when they have a smile free from periodontal disease. If periodontal disease exists, this should be treated first to bring the oral health back to a positive point before these more cosmetic concerns can be addressed. An evaluation is necessary to find out if patients are able to continue with treatment.


Dr. Kevin J. Welch and his team at Muncie Dental Care and Denture Center provides quality solutions for patients in the area of Muncie, Indiana who are seeking a practice that offers laser gum contouring. If you are interested in addressing uneven or unsightly issues with your gum tissues, now is a great time to contact his practice. Call today at (765) 282-5655 or by visiting personally at 1804 West McGalliard Road. Our team is here to assist new and existing patients in the area with their dental health needs.

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