Flossing Properly

Flossing can often be considered a numbers game…


Flossing is ONE of the TWO main habits you should be committing to daily for a successful oral health regimen.


It only needs to be done ONCE a day.


FIFTY percent of your dentist in Yorktown IN’s patients do NOT floss daily.


Wait, let’s stop there. Fifty percent of patients don’t floss a day?


You heard that right…unfortunately. And this is not a problem that exists solely at our office, but it is one that persists worldwide according to surveys.


Flossing, which is often see as the more “difficult” or “overlooked” oral health regimen habit, compared to brushing, is just as crucial! By missing a daily flossing, you can be setting not only your mouth, but your body up for some serious troubles.


Dental decay, gum disease, tooth loss, even heart disease and diabetes have been linked to a lack of flossing…and more correlations are being discovered every day.


Even if you are one of our patients that do floss daily, your dentist in Yorktown IN wants to make sure you are doing it PROPERLY. For that very reason, today we have provided you with a list of some ADA (American Dental Association) approved facts about How To Floss Properly.


For more information on how flossing impacts your oral health, or to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Yorktown IN- call our office today at (765) 282-5655.

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