How Soda Affects Dental Health

It’s no surprise that drinking soda isn’t providing any benefits for your health, but it’s important to know what exactly soda is doing. Although it’s enjoyable, sweet and popular, the ingredients in sodas cause excess damage to your smile. Limiting your soda intake is the best option in order to drastically improve your dental and oral health. Your dentist near Albany IN explains below what happens to teeth when you drink too much soda.


A nice, long sip of soda can appear refreshing, but it actually dehydrates you. There are high amounts of caffeine within each soda and caffeine is a natural diuretic, which causes your body to excrete fluid through urine. This is one of the reasons that drinking soda causes people to go to the bathroom more frequently. As a cause of dehydration, patients may experience fatigue and excessive thirst, traits that water doesn’t cause.


Tooth Decay
There have been many causes of cavities, decay and tooth loss because of excessive drinking of sodas, mostly in children. The high amounts of sugar within sodas break down the protective surface of your teeth, your enamel, and can severely damage your oral health in more ways than one.


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