Is Your Smile in Danger?

With the New Year here, we want our patients to further improve their smile to become stronger, healthier and brighter. That’s why your dentist in Albany IN is here to inform patients about potential issues that can affect their teeth. While it’s well known that consuming items like sodas, candies, and other sweets are extremely harmful to your teeth, there are other instances where your teeth can be in danger.


Brushing Immediately after a Meal
It’s usually recommended for patients to brush their teeth after they’ve completed their meal, but it’s important to know what happens to your teeth after you’ve eaten. Because they’ve just worked to properly and safely break down your meal, they’re in a weakened state because of use. Enjoying acidic foods and drinks (fruits, sodas, wine) are already working against your teeth, so if you brush your teeth too soon when you haven’t given your teeth the chance to recover and for your saliva to remineralize, you’re weakening your enamel that’s working to protect the center of each tooth.


Protect your smile at all cost with your dentist in Albany IN and check out some other instances where your teeth may be at risk. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office by calling today at (765) 282-5655!

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