Keeping a Clean Toothbrush

Even with years of experience, training, education and so much more- sometimes your Middletown Indiana area dentists at Muncie Dental Care don’t have tools that far surpass ones that you can own at home. What we mean is, even though we may utilize hand tools, mirrors, lights, scanners and more to treat you in-office, you own one of the most powerful dental tools in existence at home: your toothbrush!


And just as sterilization is important to the slew of equipment we use on a daily basis, the same basic idea goes for your toothbrush too! Today Dr. Welch will be reviewing some tips for how to keep your toothbrush in the most pristine, germ-free condition it can be.


To start, you should always rinse the head of your brush off under hot water before and after usage. This combination of heat and flow will allow for any particles still clinging on to be removed before your next cleaning. After you complete your regimen, make sure to store your brush upright in a holder that allows for air to dry the bristles. Do not allow the brush head to come into contact with any other surfaces or brushes and also don’t allow a buddy to borrow your toothbrush, no matter how close you are. Lastly, always replace your brush every 3 to 4 months to make sure it is in the best possible shape, every time.


Even while following these steps will help your at-home regimen tremendously, there are a ton of other factors that go into amazing oral health. Make sure you try to eat a balanced diet and make twice-yearly dental appointments with Muncie Dental Care, your Middletown Indiana area dentists, for cleanings and check-ups too!


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