Oral Cancer Risks & Symptoms

Cancer is certainly a scary word and it’s even scarier to deal with, but it’s something that many people around the world go through and suffer with. It is defined as an uncontrollable growth of cells that invade your body and cause damage to surrounding tissue. There are a number of different forms of cancer, including oral cancer. Below, your Muncie IN dentist will discuss how oral cancer can develop and what to do for treatment.


Here are the common symptoms of oral cancer that patients face:


· Lumps and bumps on the inside of the mouth, or other kind of swelling spots around the lips, gums, and other areas

· White and red patches in the mouth

· Unexplained and random bouts of bleeding in the mouth

· Unexplained loss of feeling/numbness in the mouth and other areas like the face and neck

· Sores on the face, neck, or mouth that last an extended amount of time

· Difficulty chewing, swallowing and talking, moving the jaw and tongue

· Chronic sore throat or a change in your voice

· Change in the way your teeth fit together


There are important statistics about the people who get oral cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, men face twice the risk of developing oral cancer and men over the age of 50 face the greatest risk. In 2014, it was estimated that over 40,000 people in the United States receive a diagnosis of oral cancer.


Here are some factors that contribute to the development of oral cancer:


· Smoking: This is the most common reason that patients suffer from oral cancer. Smokers are six times more likely to develop oral cancer than nonsmokers. Second-hand smoke also has the ability to give someone oral cancer, as well.

· Chewing Tobacco: Dip, snuff, and other types of chewing tobacco users can also develop cancers of the cheek, gums, and the linings of the lips since it is constantly lingering on your mouth.

· Alcoholism: Oral cancer is about six times more common in drinkers than nondrinkers.


This is a serious issue that needs to be immediately addressed if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned or if you contribute to one of the risk factors above. Call your Muncie IN dentist to schedule a screening and x-ray by reaching our office at (765) 282-5655.

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