Perfecting Your Smile

If you look at a magazine for any length of time, you are met with images of perfectly beautiful models and celebrities. We are so accustomed to these images, which we see on a daily basis on billboards and on television, that we may not even realize that we have a subconscious idea that these people were born beautiful. Sure, it has become more obvious in recent years that celebrities take advantage of the treatments offered by their trusted plastic surgeon. Where we don't tend to extend this understanding that beauty sometimes takes work is when it comes to the smile.


Numerous celebrities have had cosmetic dental work - some of them have had a lot. Nicholas Cage is a prime example. In his early days as a rising star, the actor's teeth were incredibly out of alignment. Today, Cage sports a sophisticated, straight, and brilliantly bright smile - even after squandering much of his celebrity earnings! Other examples of celebs who obtained the help they needed include Demi Moore and Catherine Zeta Jones, both of whom had some discoloration to address.


So you're not a celebrity; you're not in the spotlight on a daily basis. There are no paparazzi hiding in the bushes outside of your house. Still, you deserve to have a winning smile. When you do, you feel more confident. Studies also tell us that having a winning smile gives you a leg up in life - celebrity or not! In one survey of employers, it was discovered that an inherent draw to beauty led employers to be more apt to offer employment to an applicant with attractive features, even if a different applicant had more experience.


How your Dentist in the Blountsville Indiana Area can help


At Muncie Dental Care & Denture Center, patients can correct a wide variety of cosmetic concerns. We tailor treatments to the exact needs and expectations of each patient. Some of the common procedures sought today include:



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