Save Your Teeth with Cheese

Drink lots of water, brush your teeth twice a day and visit your Muncie, IN dentist. We all know these great tips to keep our teeth healthy. But did you know that eating cheese might help to save your teeth?
Dairy Products
Most dairy products contain lots of calcium which has always been an important part of strengthening, building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Studies now show that drinking milk plus eating cheese and yogurt can prevent cavities from forming.
Dairy products appear to keep the pH levels of our mouth in check. While this is good news, the better news is that cheese actually increased the pH levels after eating. This says that there are properties which can reduce the risk of decay. 
What a great way to snack without having to consume sugary and sticky products. On top of all the other benefits to dairy products, they are also high in protein. This builds muscle tissue in the body. If that wasn’t enough Vitamin A is present which aids in cell growth and can play a huge part in oral health. Want more reasons? There is also potassium which lowers the risk of bone loss. Finally, milk contains lactic acid which can kill the bacteria that leads to decay.
How Much Cheese Should You Eat?
Dairy is a great way to protect the teeth, but you shouldn’t sit around eating cheese all day. General guidelines suggest that two servings of dairy a day are enough for both children and adults. If you are an older adult, you might want to consume three to four servings instead. A serving consists of a cup of milk, 1.5 ounces of cheese or ¾-cup of yogurt.
Remember, eating dairy is just one part of having a healthy mouth. You need to eat right and include dairy as part of a well-rounded diet. In addition, don’t forget to brush after eating, floss at least once per day and visit your dentist regularly. Putting all the components together can help ensure that you have a healthy and happy mouth for many years into the future.
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