Sensitivity After a Filling

Most trips to the dentist are relatively pain-free thanks to today’s technology. Even through all the innovations and progress that has been made, some patients still experience minor sensitivities following a filling. Here’s what you need to know. 
Why the Pain?
Each person’s mouth is different, so it is difficult to determine how each individual will respond to a filling. Some causes of pain afterward are related to:
Sensitive Teeth – For those who already struggle with sensitive teeth, it is common to experience some discomfort following a filling. 
Tartar and Plaque – If your mouth is covered in tartar or plaque, you might experience some sensitivity after the dentist removes it. That’s because those substances were masking your teeth and there is no longer a barrier. 
Materials – Most fillings today are made from composite materials. That’s because they are durable, flexible and look better. Despite that, they can cause sensitivity when used in a deep filling. 
Pulpitis – There is always a chance that the pulpal tissue inside your tooth can swell as a result of the heat and vibration of the drill. 
Uneven Bite – One of the most common reasons is that the person has an uneven bite. If the filling was placed too high, it could cause the mouth to feel off slightly. Thankfully, a quick trip back to the dentist can fix this. All they have to do is smooth out your filling. 
How Long Will I Experience This?
This is the most common question when a patient has sensitivity after the filling. Unfortunately, there isn’t one answer that fits all cases. It’s going to depend on your health, the state of your teeth and the reason you are having pain. 
Most times, the pain and sensitivity decrease within a couple of days. If you experience pain for longer than a week, it is time to contact your dentist in 47304. They can take some x-rays to determine what might be the cause. Whatever the reasoning, your dentist is equipped to get you out of pain quickly; the key to a speedy recovery is close communication. Don’t be afraid to report the slightest of sensitivities if they don’t feel quite right to you.

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