We're Partial to Partial Dentures

Missing teeth can wreak havoc on the smile. While patients might not think much of a tooth that has been lost or extracted, it can negatively impact a number of aspects of the smile. First, it can affect the appearance of the smile, especially when the tooth is lost near the front (anterior). Second, it can cause the existing teeth to shift within the arch to compensate for the gap. This results in a complete change in the smile’s aesthetics and may only be improved with the use of orthodontics. Third, the efficiency of the smile is affected. Patients may have difficulty speaking properly or may experience problems when it comes to eating. Fourth, bone loss is a concern. Without a tooth in place, patients may notice a reduction in the jaw bone that can cause the other teeth to become affected.


With all of these issues in mind, it is essential that patients in and around the area of Muncie, IN visit a dentist in the Daleville, IN area for an evaluation. Dr. Kevin J. Welch of Muncie Dental Care and Denture Center may suggest a wide range of replacement options. However, he finds the easiest and most affordable option for most patients is that of partial dentures.


What is a partial denture? Patients who have lost one or more teeth within their dental arch may benefit from having a partial denture made. Partial dentures are made of a metal framework and include an acrylic base. False teeth are integrated into the denture so that when patients snap it in place, there are teeth right where they need to be!


Do you want to learn more about partial dentures? Do you feel as though partial dentures may be right for you? Take the time now to visit a quality dentist in the area of Daleville, IN to discuss the possibilities! Dr. Kevin J. Welch can be reached by calling his front office team at (765) 282-5655 to schedule your first consultation appointment. Smile with confidence. Work with a dentist who has the experience you need to feel confident!

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