What is a Gum Lift Procedure?

Gum Lift Procedure is a kind of cosmetic dentistry procedure that targets people who love to have a dazzling smile. It is normally performed to lessen the gummy smile some people have. This is done to improve the look or aesthetics of your smile.


What is the aim of gum lifting?

People that undergo gum lift procedures are those whose teeth appear too small or short. The goal of gum lift procedures is to reform uneven gum tissue surrounding your teeth. It determines the best possible way to display your teeth. The dentist would expose the tooth of the patient to make it appear longer and reveal the full body of the tooth.


What causes gum irregularity?

Several reasons cause uneven gums in people. The imbalance can be caused by the shape of the lips, the shape of the facial muscles, the shape and size of teeth, or just an excess of the gum tissues. Some injuries or accidents may contribute to this condition as well.


How is the gum lift procedure done?

Gum lift procedure is quick and painless. Usually, the gum area around the front teeth is being improved. The dentist will cut and reshape the uneven gum area. The procedure may take about 2 to 3 hours with local anesthesia.


How fast is the recovery period?

Any patient who had undergone gum lift procedure must be able to eat and drink within a 24-hour period. The gums can heal after a week or so. If a patient experiences certain pain after the surgery, the dentist may prescribe over-the-counter medicines to alleviate the pain. However, the person must avoid any heavy physical activity for about three days after the surgery to prevent any swelling and discomfort.


How should your gums be taken care of after the procedure?

To prevent infections and gum recession, it is advisable that you attend regular dental check-ups and follow proper oral hygiene at home to restrict the re-growing of the gums or even the development of gingivitis.


Cosmetic Dental procedures are commonly done to enhance the aesthetics of people’s teeth. This, in turn, can make you more comfortable and confident with your smile.

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