Why to Smile More

Your Middletown Indiana dentists know that even though you like to visit our office every once and a while- we are probably not the #1 people you upkeep your smile for. You smile big for the ones you love, your family, your friends, your fans for a number of reasons. We work daily to enhance the smiles of all of our patients and keep them healthy for just this reason- we know how a smile can change someone’s life.


Have you ever taken a time out to think about why you really smile, though? If not, maybe some of the following reasons will make you want to smile even more than ever before!


All the Looks / All the Feels

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that you look your best while you smile. Genuine smiling works muscles in the face that help ward off wrinkles and crow’s feet, making you look an average of 5 years younger! Not to mention, smiling also releases all sorts of “feel good” hormones and endorphins that help in battling sickness, sadness and pain. Look your best while feeling your best for all of the selfies you and your circle will take by simply smiling!


Speak Without Saying

Smiling can also be a big way to say things without saying them and is great in several social contexts. Who hasn’t blushed and smiled while they were embarrassed or nervous? What about smiling big to get the attention of someone across the room before sparking up a conversation for the first time? And we all know nothing works better on a new boss than a healthy smile and firm handshake at a job interview. Say all the things you can’t (or might not want to) say with a genuine smile!


Going Viral

While we know you probably saw it last as a poster on the wall of your kindergarten classroom- smiling truly is contagious! Studies show that for every person you smile at, 50% will smile back or go on to smile at someone else soon. You can smile even more in knowing that you have spread all of the above benefits onto someone else by just…well…simply smiling!


Keep your smile at its best with twice yearly visits to your Middletown Indiana dentists at Muncie Dental Care. Call our office today to schedule your next appointment at (765) 282-5655.

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